How to Let Your Light Shine Despite Your Circumstances

I will never forget as a child when I would go to church and listen to people share their story of salvation…

A lot of times it was someone who had a dramatic background and some ground shaking experience that led them to Christ. It would always go a little something like one of these:

They were raised in an ungodly home and one of their friends led them to Christ after they spent so long wondering why they were here and what their purpose was.

Or, they had wandered away from religion but a tragic car accident brought them back.

There was just always some catch, so to speak, they were great testimonies and I absolutely love hearing these, but my problem was that I didn’t have a testimony like this…

Mine was simple – I grew up in church and when the time was right, I made the decision to begin my own walk with the Lord.

So, this always left me feeling like I wasn’t good enough. Like my light wasn’t bright enough. I mean, sure, I could tell people I was saved but my story of salvation was not so compelling that I felt anyone would be impacted by it.

And, I think this is what many people think when they see someone struggling and when it comes to advice in general, not just salvation.

Oftentimes, we feel as though what we are going to say isn’t compelling enough. When we see that person struggling with addiction, we feel as though offering our hand or our shoulder isn’t going to be enough. So, we just avoid doing anything at all.

But, your light should always be shining. You should always be making an effort to reach out to those in need. Even if you don’t have a dramatic story, you can still help someone.

So, as the drug and alcohol epidemic seems to be upon us, we encourage you to reach out to those around you that you see who need it. Offer that helping hand to those that you see that need it.

Of course, be careful not to be an enabler but you never know how much of a difference you can make in the life of someone who needs it just by simply offering some encouragement. Or, even just not judging them as you walk by. A simple act of kindness can go a long way in the lives of others.

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