We struggle with several things in our lives because we do not involve God. Hence, we keep running the rat race when we are indeed meant to soar.

God is our heavenly father and one of the most interesting facts about him is, he is super-interested in every minute detail of our lives. So, there is no problem that God would not like to help us solve.

But a good number of us will rather seek ways to do it by ourselves instead of involving him. And since he cannot force us to accept the divine intervention he has, he watches till we are ready to call on him.

Sometimes, he can be gracious to us and help us solve these problems, but we term such help or assistance as luck, instead of divine help.

We all believe in the existence of a higher power but the truth is a good number of us do not make efforts to communicate with him and develop a relationship with him.

For people who are addicted, they do not know that God can help them solve their addiction problems. So, they try all means to get better and sadly, their case becomes worsened.

Addicts need to draw closer to God because he alone has the power to help them defeat addiction.

The first thing you discover when you draw closer to God is the peace of mind you will get. You will not be troubled as you used to be.

Addicted individuals have trouble within because they are in bondage. The only person who delivers from bondage is God, this is why addicted individuals need him more than ever.

With the supernatural healing power that God gives, it is possible for an individual to break free from addiction without any extra assistance.

Although, it is important to go to a Christian rehab as you draw closer to God. The reason is, those who work at the Christian rehab are God’s servant and they will help you get back on track with your creator.

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