Sin Is Sin

When it comes to sin, our human nature is to sin. We all sin at some point – whether it be cheating on our spouse, cursing, using the Lord’s name in vain…

The list goes on and on of different sins that we can commit.

But, when it does come to our sin, we often don’t like to admit that we’ve sinned – even though we know we have. Who wants to admit that they are in the wrong, right? It is difficult to openly admit you were wrong, and furthermore, it can be even more difficult to actually admit to what it is that you did wrong.

But, when the tables are turned and we see other people sinning, we can easily be very quick to judge…

Suddenly, we begin to cast the blame on one another and call our peers out for their wrongdoings.

For example, when we see someone suffering from addiction, we are quick to call them out and let them know that they are harming their body which is wrong and they are likely putting that addiction before God, which is also wrong.

But, let’s just take a step back for a minute…

Is this actually helping anything? What productive thing are you actually doing by judging someone and making them feel guilty for their sins? You are only acting as if you are high and mighty enough to judge them…

But, we all know that isn’t true…

So, instead of using someone’s addiction as a time to teach them about right and wrong and to call them out on their sins – use it to do what we are called to do:

Love one another.

As their brother or sister in Christ, you are called to help and to love them. God did not call you to judge them.

So, when you see someone suffering from the wrath of addiction, while yes it is a sin, don’t use that time to just let them know they are sinning.

It is pretty likely they already know that.

Instead, use it as an opportunity to do God’s work by loving them, praying for them, being their shoulder to cry on when they need it.

Use this opportunity to witness to them.

Just take a moment to consider this…

What if you were in their shoes?

It is more beneficial to be there for someone rather than to be there judging them.

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