Turning It Around for Good

Have you ever made a bad decision in your life? I think just about everyone can attest to making a bad decision at some point…

Maybe it was lying to your parents about where you actually were last night.

Maybe it was sneaking out after your parents went to sleep to go hang out with those friends they don’t approve of.

Maybe it was peaking at the Christmas presents under the tree.

Maybe it was driving while you knew you had already drunk too much.

Bad choices seem to just surround us in life and giving in to the temptations and making bad choices is just an inevitable part of being human.

But, these bad choices don’t define us…

There are so many situations where people think they simply made a choice they can’t come back from. But, they are actually missing out on the great opportunities that await them to make a difference using that situation and to use their story to hopefully keep others from going down that same path.

Since it is a very relevant topic in our society today, let’s talk about the aspect of addiction.

There are several people who are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol who think that they can’t turn that situation into something good.

But, if that is you, you can.

Start by getting clean. Work with your pastor and a recovery program to get back on the right track mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally. Turning your life around after being in the dark wraths of addiction is one of the most notable things you can do. Remove yourself from that life of sin and start fresh.

Next, use your recovery as your story. Tell people where you have come from and demonstrate to them that change is possible. You can emerge from the depths of addiction and become a new person.

Then, spend time channeling this newfound energy into helping other people. You probably even have a volunteer group at your church, but there are definitely volunteer organizations around just about every town.

Get involved and help those who need it. And, use your past as your witness. Through this, you can minister to a lot of people and hopefully help them avoid falling into the same dark, depths of addiction.

Then, you can relish in the joy of helping others and continue your road to recovery. Use your bad decisions and negative situations to make a difference. Even through the bad times, let God be glorified.

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